Alakh Pandey (Physics Wallah) – A Man Behind 101 India Unicorn

You might have seen him on social media, he is very famous because of his motivating talks in between lectures, he is Alakh Pandey aka Physics Wallah.
Being a teacher he started his own ed-tech startup named Physics Wallah and became a successful entrepreneur. He can be seen in reels and YouTube shorts speaking and motivating beautifully. He is one of a kind.

Education – Alakh Pandey (Physics Wallah)

Alakh Pandey is a science student. He did his Mechanical Engineering from Harcourt Butler Technical University, sourced from his LinkedIn profile. Being a teacher, people could expect that a teacher should have a lot of degrees and research papers done but such things don’t show a teacher’s skills and capabilities.

Career – Alakh Pandey (Physics Wallah)

Alakh Pandey is a full-time teacher in his own ed-tech startup Physics Wallah. He is the founder and CEO of Physics Wallah and is serving in it since 2014.

The startup Physics Wallah is India’s one of the unicorn startups as it crosses valuation of Dollar 1 billion and it is also awarded many awards like one of them was ‘Times 40 under 40 award’.

Apps and Platforms – Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey)

Mr. Alakh Pandey is serving education with his team on various platforms in online, offline, and hybrid forms. He is successfully running his education PW (Physics Wallah) on which he provides live classes and studies material for JEE, NEET, NDA, and different boards.

Apart from his application, Alakh Pandey opened many institutions named PW Vidyapeeth. Also, serving online through YouTube.

Social Media – Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey)

The social media of Alakh Pandey aka physics Wallah is flooded with his lovers, subscribers, followers, and students. He is having a subscriber count of 8M+ on YouTube on his main channel Physics Wallah – Alakh Pandey. He is having a number of channels naming Physics Wallah Foundation, Competition Wallah, JEE Wallah, NCERT Wallah, PW Pathshala, Defence Wallah, and many more.
On Instagram, his username is @physicswallah with a count of 1 million plus followers and more than 1000 posts.
The success of Alakh Pandey is due to his consistency in his work and down-to-earth nature.

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