41 Life Observations By Ankur Warikoo That You Should Follow To Become Successful

41 Life Observations By Ankur Warikoo That You Should Follow To Become Successful
Hello! Guys. You might be wondering about today’s title that who is Ankur Warioo and which life observations we are talking about. Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur, angel investor, mentor, and public speaker. He is a financial influencer. He spends his time creating content, instructing students through his courses, and actively mentors and coaches startups and entrepreneurs.

Recently, Ankur Warikoo turned 41 and he wrote his observations about his life and shared them on social media platforms. So, we are forwarding them to you in order to spread his words to become successful in life. Here, we go. Let’s dive into Ankur Warikoo’s 41 life observations that you should follow to become successful:

  1. It is easy to respect people from a distance. True respect is when you get to know them, and still respect them.
  2. People assume that a verified Twitter profile is someone smart. Ironically, the blue tick says, “this person is EXACTLY who they claim they are”
  3. Your guides, your mentors, your managers are not there to fix your mistakes.  They are there to guide you so that you are eventually able to see your own mistakes.
  4. Not every problem needs to be solved. Some need to just be heard.
    Just be felt.
    Just be empathized with.
  5. The only success for a company is when it raises money from customers.  Not investors. Congratulating a founder on raising money is like congratulating a chef on buying vegetables.
  6. Sometimes, stepping away from a relationship is the best way to save it.
  7. When you share your failures openly, you instantly take away all power that the world had over you.
  8. Work becomes most joyous when you are working with a set of people you would want to spend time with, even beyond work.
  9. Managing time is about managing your energy. Managing your energy.
    Managing your energy is about managing your attention.
  10. Speed doesn’t mean smartness.
  11. Parents are humans first. They became parents later on.
  12. FOMO (fear of missing out) is not an investing strategy.
  13. Do not confuse calm people as those lacking fire.
  14. When we come to know WHY we are feeling fear, fear will disappear.
    Because it has served its purpose.
  15. In life, most goals that we set for ourselves are simply, desires. We want to get there. We don’t really HAVE to get there. So if we do achieve them, we feel great. If we do not, we feel shitty. Both feelings are not warranted.
    Don’t set goals.
    Set habits!
  1. We have been living a life, trying to fill expectations, that have been imposed on us without our permission.
  2. Take criticism seriously. But not personally.
  3. The purest form of creation is the one that is created neither out of fear nor with the willingness to share.
  4. You can make anything work! You can do anything you set out to do. But whether you do it with a smile on your face or a frown, will define whether you serve as an inspiration for others or not.
  5. Problem is that we want to do everything tomorrow.
  6. To share what you have is the best way to cherish what you have.
  7. At times, all you need to know is that you are not alone in feeling what you are feeling.
  8. The world doesn’t require one more template. The world requires one more rebel.
  9. If you politely decline an invitation starting it is not a priority currently, and the other side gets offended, it is a sign you did the right thing!
  10. It is baffling how many people do not know the answer to the question
    “How can I help you?”
  11. Never complain. Even if it is the worst day of your life to date.
    It robs us of our power.
    It tricks us into believing that we don’t have any.
  1. You made it to the top college. Or didn’t.
    You got a job. Or didn’t.
    You got married. Or didn’t.
    To the world, our life is just multiple events of success or failure.
    To us, our life is what happens between those events.
  1. Most decisions in life are reversible. But we assume them to be set in stone.  And obsess about whether we are making the right decision or not!
  2. You truly want to learn something new when you don’t feel the need to tell anyone that you are learning something new!
  3. Sometimes moving out saves the relationship you have with your parents.
  4. Don’t make your lack of preparation an excuse to not start!
  5. Money, in the hands of the right people, is a good thing!
  6. Invest in a way that you do not lose your sleep.
  7. Just because something is cheap doesn’t make it attractive to buy.
  8. The simplest way of building trust is – Do what you say you will do!
  1. The decision that will hurt you the most is not making one while waiting to take the right one!
  2. The win that scares us the most is the one we win without knowing how we did it. So we doubt if we can win again!
  3. We get scared in life because we do not attach probabilities to events in life.
    We think all events have equal probabilities.
  4. Build a culture where people are respected for what they do. Not what information they have access to.
  5. Nothing is worth it if you aren’t happy with where you are in life.
  6. The greatest joy in this world is your freedom.
    Freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, however which way you want to do it. Sometimes, the presence of money grants you this freedom. Sometimes, the absence of money sets you free.
    Make your own choice.

These were Ankur Warikoo’s 41 life observations that you should follow to become successful. You should read his thoughts by heart even if you are a student or a professional, housewife or an elder. These life observations will surely help you some or the other way in your life. This was all about our today’s blog and do check the finance category of our website to get more updates about finance.
Hope you are doing well. Wishing you the best. Signing off!

Disclaimer: The observations we have mentioned above are not our creation, they belong to Ankur Warikoo. We are not having any authority over them and we are not claiming it. Our only intention is to spread his experiences.

Shared By- Sagar Rajput

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