30 Finance Bloggers – Learn To Manage Money Through Personal Finance

30 Finance Bloggers – Learn To Manage Money Through Personal Finance
When we talk about finance, the first thing that strikes our mind is money. But finance is much more than money as in simple words it’s money management. So, when we have started talking about finance then we must also consider its types. Basically, three categories fall under finance, i.e. personal finance,  corporate finance, and public finance. Personal finance is more in the picture because of the increase of awareness and knowledge in the new generations. Finance Blogs List
Also, when we talk about finance, other things that came into an individual’s mind are financial markets, investments, and insurance.

There are certain career opportunities and job roles associated with finance. Those are financial analysts, financial consultants or advisors, insurance agents, treasury analysts, budget analysts, accounting managers, tax accountants, auditors, and so on. Blogging is also emerging out as a career pursued by various finance professionals. Finance blogs are being written by financial influencers in order to create more awareness regarding the finance field. There are also many courses that a student or learner can opt-in to order to excel in the career. The major courses are CFA, CMA, FRM, and various small courses like FMVA and BIDA.

So, not getting deep into finance, we will tell you 30 websites that you can follow to get deep knowledge and tips about personal finance. The posts on those websites are basically known as finance blogs.

Let’s start and dive into the blog list of finance bloggers. Click the names to access their websites or blogs.

Money control

Money Control is a full-fledged, well-set-up website for finance-related articles. It’s a bull in front of others. You get their subscriptions in order to remain updated with the financial information. There are categories with a huge number of subcategories too. The basic sections are markets, news, portfolio, commodities, mutual funds, personal finance, forums, and whatnot. So, it’s going to be huge learning and earning of knowledge.

Clever girl finance

The idea is to empower women to ditch debt, save money and build wealth. Although, their blogs are not just for women, all of us can have access. The blogs are well-briefed and well-detailed and cover a vast variety of categories like budgeting, business, and side hustles, credit, debt, financial wellness, insurance, investing, real estate, student loans, and also some women-related topics like motherhood. So, these are the wide variety of topics covered here. Not only this, the website provides podcasts, newsletters, and a financial roadmap. But we can say that the website is women-centric as the name suggests.

Finance buddy

Finance buddy helps you to make smart financial choices. The site contains banking as a category that contains blogs on credit cards, saving accounts, and insurance. The blogs on card reviews of different banks can also be found here. There are two more categories one can access. One is info buddy which is a self-made category at finance buddy and the other is the income category containing home business, online money making, and money-saving.

Apna Plan

Apna Plan is a personal finance guide for an individual. It covers a range of guiding blogs covering different finance categories like Fixed Deposits, Gold, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Taxes, NRI, Budgets, and more categories like Loans, Real Estate, Stocks, Inheritance, Retirement Planning, and whatnot. So, this is completely a wide guide for you to make you more aware.


Tax Guru is basically a complete tax solution as their websites say. They mainly cover news, updates, notification, press release, circulars, instructions, and articles regarding tax-related topics. The categories they cover are Income Tax, Budget, S. Tax, Company Law, Excise, Customs, GST, CA CS, CMA(courses), DGFT, RBI, SEBI, Finance, and Corp Law. So, the content has no end when you enter the pool of knowledge by reading blogs of finance.

My investment ideas

Mr. Suresh KP is the author and owner of this website. He provides insights to help investors, readers, and learners in the field of Mutual Funds, Stocks, Insurance Plans, etc. The basic idea behind my investment idea is to create awareness among the investors’ community.


The blogs on money excel are worthy which really helps to excel knowledge by the tips provided by them. They provide a diverse variety of categories like business ideas in different fields, stock market and mutual funds insights, income tax calculators, insurance plans, and credit card offers.


P V Subramanyam, the author of Subramoney, says that he makes smart people richer. His blogs have life lessons and his ideas are simple. At Subramoney, he writes his quality blogs, posts his conferences schedule, provides workshops, and sells his books as he is the author of many books like Retire Rich: Invest Rs. 40 a day.

The financial literates

The financial literates are the guide in your financial journey. Their idea is to make you armored with financial literacy to avoid miss-selling. They provide a number of topics like investments, tax planning, financial planning, insurance planning, investor psychology, and a lot more to make you more engaged.

Be Money Aware

As per the name, they focus on money topics. The website contains a lot of things like blogs, books, training, and courses. They generally cover blogs on filing income tax forms, about EPF, PPF, Credit debt, loans, Investing in Mutual Funds, Stocks, etc.

Chartered club

Chartered Club is a website where you can earn a lot of knowledge regarding finance. The website contains articles on income tax, personal finance, and GST; eBooks on Capital gains on sales of real estate and presumptive tax – 44AD, 44 ADA; and services like tax advisory, NRI TDS certificate, and ITR filing.

Jago investor

Jagoinvestor provides its readers a simple dose of finance blogs to create awareness and share knowledge about finance. The site doesn’t provide any specific categories of blogs but still, there are worthy to read as a regular visitor. Also, they provide a sign-up facility to check financial life scores for free.

Money tap

MoneyTap is an app that provides instant online credit services. But we are not here to tell you this, the thing is that their website provides a number of finance blogs although they are not categorized you can regularly read them to increase your knowledge.


As a finance lover, if you want first-hand analysis, original reports, reviews, and deep insights on the developments in mutual funds, stocks, investing, retirement, and personal finance then you are at the right place – freefincal. Freefincal is a news media organization that claims complete unbiasedness in its reporting.

Finance Dunia

FinanceDunia is a blog page that posts financial news. It is not that up-to-date these days but there is enough stuff for you to read. The site also contains the interest rate charts of home loans, car loans, and education loans.


As their tagline suggests that they simplify money mysteries, the website justifies it. They cover blogs on personal finance and services on websites. BasavarajTonagatti, the author of the website, wrote more than 700 articles on personal finance since 2011.


Capitalmind is a unique kind of website which consists of their own portfolios providing the five models; CM Passive, CM Focused, CM Momentum, CM Chase, Fixed Income. The website also provides various topics of finance like stocks, economy, mutual funds, and fixed income. They also provide podcasts and premium membership to access their premium material.


SafalNiveshak is like a complete package destination that provides you with articles, newsletters, courses, stock analysis section, podcasts, and books. The articles are published with some different and unique titles which you are not going to find anywhere.


Cashoverflow has a huge quantity and quality factor on their website. They cover different sections among credit card, investment, insurance, loans, and banking. Also, they cover blogs on earning money providing you the ways and ideas. The sections mentioned also provides reviews and guide for certain things and services.

Money Gyaan

MoneyGyaan, a personal finance blog. Here, you can find post-office-related schemes, rules, and interest rates related posts; also banking, LIC of India, CIBIL Score, personal finance, insurance, and news-related articles at one stop.


Again, a blog’s website on personal finance with a creative name sounding like “relax.” the aim is to provide simple, unbiased, and easy to understand information about finance and financial products. The website covers a wide array of personal finance topics like insurance, home loans, banking services, mutual funds, tax planning, stock markets, commodities like gold. They also cover topics like financial planning and tax planning.


Manshu is the name behind onemint. The things related to personal finance, technology, and economics are found here which helps you make better financial decisions. You can sign up to get email updates and also you can suggest a topic that you want to read about.


Fintrakk is basically a platform working on the principle of knowledge sharing. It provides the categories that provide awareness and keep you updated. The categories are finance, investment, stock markets, stockbrokers, global, and career. The thing that I personally like is the finance quotes section that provides you the motivation to drive yourself ahead.

Getting money wise

It can be a wise decision of yours to visit getting money wise. It provides personal advice for everyone which you can implement. The blog has expanded its coverage by providing information of personal finance. They provide the latest and trending section for you to know what’s going on out there.


BankIndia is a banking and investment guide. SurajTandon is the founder and chief editor of BankIndia. He, with his team update detailed information about bank fixed deposits, money transfer via net banking, tax, and latest banking jobs.

Smart money goal

The man behind the smart money goal is ParaniDharan. His aim is to spread financial literacy by giving unbiased information on personal finance. Apart from the common section, the different section is the how-to/what is a section that is like a guide for you. The other sections are investing, insurance, NRI, general, tax-related, and also something for beginners.

Investment kit

Investment kit is something different from other websites. It provides the guide for video ideas on YouTube and also guides you about dropshipping. The content is limited but you can consider it for the things written there.


Get money rich is the website that you love to visit because of the representation. The way they represent their stuff is quite appreciable. They provide stock analysis, various tools, and also guides. The article consists of the topics like stocks, investment, savings, spending, credit cards, mutual funds, retirement, insurance, income tax, general finance, alternate investment, and loans.


Nelito is a company that provides software solutions and services for banking and micro-finance. Although Nelito is not a blogging site we added it knowingly due to the fact that it has roots of finance with tagline solutions that perform.

My daily life tips

This website provides you with how-to blogs and knowledgeable news also providing suggestions of useful websites. It’s like providing solutions to daily life queries. They also provide an honest review of personal finance, insurance policies, and many other useful products.

These were the 30 websites of finance bloggers which help you to learn the art of managing money. You can get both quantity and quality blogs of personal finance which make you more aware and knowledgeable. You must visit these websites and read the blogs which make you financially independent with the level of knowledge you earn from here.

Written By- Sagar Rajput

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