Five Senses – Importance Of Senses In Learning

Five Senses – Importance Of Senses In Learning
Hey readers! We are back with a new post on the five senses. Today, we will be going to understand the power of the five senses. We will also try to cover the importance of the five senses in between. So, let’s start with what are the 5 senses.

Which are our five senses? Which are the 5 senses in humans?

  1. Sight
  2. Sound
  3. Touch
  4. Taste
  5. Smell

How do these 5 senses help us? Along with we will understand what are the secrets they contain using which how we can become a better person?
We all know that God gave us a blessing of 5 senses. Senses help us to understand our surroundings.
We can sense our surroundings in 5 ways; by seeing from eyes, hearing from ears, tasting from the tongue, smelling from the nose, and touching by hands. Our body runs with the skill of these five activities, i.e.; hearing, tasting, smelling, seeing, and touching. These five senses help us to learn and also to make decisions that are required on daily basis. Now it’s time to learn more about these senses.

Eyes (Vision)

Someone said that the eyes are the window to the soul. In simple words, whatever you watch gives a deep effect on your thinking. We use our eyes to look around the world, to differentiate colors, and to experience our surroundings by watching them. Without healthy eyes, our life will be dark. Beyond science, if we take reference from a psychological perspective, we can judge the character of a person by looking into the eyes. If you want that people will listen to you carefully then you have to make decent eye contact. People will notice you and remember you from eye contact. Eye contact creates attraction.

Hearing (Sound)

By listening attentively, we get the power to change our relationship. Be it your loved ones, your colleagues or your boss, or any successful person, you have to listen to them carefully and attentively. We might not pay attention but ears with very ease but supports us in a helpful way. They help us in grabbing things quickly. You might have heard this – A good listener is a good observer. But most of the people listen to give reply not to understand. So, open your ears and use them in an amazing way.


We, humans, taste different types of food with our tongues. Tongue not only helps us in taking taste but it also helps us in speaking. Without a tongue, we will be dumb or silent. With these practical uses, if we understand the hidden message in it then it will add quality to our personality. We have to bite our conceit and swallow our glory and we have to understand that we are wrong. This is not being defeated, this is a journey from ground to top.


There is a good memory of smell or fragrance. Without it, the tastiest food on Earth can be tasteless. Like this, the process of breathing keeps us healthy. There is a big role of taking breathe to be healthy while doing exercises or yoga. You can also use breathing techniques while doing meditation which makes your brain and body fit.


We have an amazing sense of feeling anything by touch. Our whole body is covered with skin which helps us in feeling the temperature and sensation of anything. This sense of touch helps us to feel the pain which is important to prevent ourselves from any injury, disease, or danger. When it is a talk of pain of body then a touch is impactful. Massage therapy is a good way to stop aches from back to head. There are also many ways of touching. Like we show belongingness feeling to our loved ones by a touch or a hug (contact or touch). Also, when we accolade someone then we tap their shoulder.

These human senses give a contribution to every big and small work of life and make our life easy. That’s why, to improve our lives and to make them better, we have to use the basic as well as hidden power of these senses.
The five senses are the five pillars of the human body. So, we hope you will understand our today’s blog and you might have enjoyed it. This was all about the power of the five senses.
Bye-bye readers. We’ll back with a new post till then enjoy life and to read more interesting articles like this one check our home page.
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