How to overcome ego & Anger (Easy Steps & Tips)

How to overcome ego & Anger (Easy Steps & Tips)
Hey readers, we are back with a new post to build your character and also help you in your personality development. Today, we are going to talk about ego and how you can control it, and much more. Friends, there might be some questions that arise in your mind when you think about ego. Like – how to defeat your ego? how to get rid of ego? how to overcome the ego problem? and how to control ego and anger? So, we will try to answer these questions directly or indirectly. So, let’s start with the blog.

What we’ll cover today…
01. A quick introduction
02. How to control ego?
03. 4 qualities to control ego
04. How to keep your ego in check?
05. How and when to use ego?

Your ego is in your conscious mind which is a part of your identity. The main factor of a person makes him different from the feeling and thinking of other people. The ego becomes the reason for heaviness, restlessness, fear, and worries. The ego stops the spreading love and it separates people. Due to ego, a person tries to prove himself/herself. A person with an ego is compelled to dominate others. So, how we can control the ego.

How to control ego?

You go to the gym to shape your body like that to shape your brain you have to do the practice. There are a number of ways to strengthen your muscles like that there are different ways to win from your brain.

01. Do one act of kindness every day
Study shows that when we do good work frequently then we start getting the experience of helping others. So, what’s the benefit? Good things make you really happy and help in decreasing your sadness and pain. Being human, we have to contribute more than ourselves. Doing good work for others decreases your anger and ego.

02. Practice gratitude
When we are surrounded by our thoughts then gratitude provides us direction and view. When you are stuck with your brain or your ego dominates you then gratitude can help you. Write the things which you are grateful for and note what you felt. Mix gratitude in your brain so that you can’t mix with the color of your ego.

03. Take responsibility
When you feel yourself a victim then stop yourself. Sometimes it takes time to understand but at last, you will say it’s okay. See the situation from another perspective and try to figure out that somewhere you are the reason for the situation. What’s your role in this condition? What’s your role in the things with which you are not happy? To find this out, you will experience control because you know that you can take a new decision. Take responsibility for the situation from which you get the new outcome.

04 Qualities to Control Ego & Anger

There are 4 qualities to control ego so that you balance between yourself and others.
i) Detached awareness The person with a controlled ego lives in the present moment. He/she knows the positive and negative aspects of any situation and their mind gets driven away from the evaluation of ego. Even the person can see reality to the fullest.

ii) Inclusive identity The person who has less ego can understand themselves and other people more than others. They can understand the view of others, they can understand the experience of others, and can also better understand humanity.

iii) Perspective-taking While seeing another perspective, your ego looks out and increases your empathy and compassion.

iv) Growth mindedness With time, the changes come in controlling ego question the long term effects and makes part of the present moment. The ego gets shaped by different factors like friendship, family, work, and also what we see and what we do.

The ego gets affected positively or negatively by any factors that’s why it is flexible. You can mold it according to you and it’s up to you that in which direction you go. However, losing control over ego and getting angry is very easy. It is beneficial to learn the use of ego. It is important to make the ego but the more important thing is to check it.

How to keep your ego in check?

Accept the appreciation but don’t fully agree to it. When we get success then we are followed by the praises but always remain humble. Remember one thing that there are a lot of things to learn and to move forward in life, you need the help of others and this shows that you are not affected by your ego.

Competing with your fellows and moving forward is very easy but don’t make yourself a fool by saying that you are the only one. There will be always the one who can be better than you. Whenever you gain ground, your potential increases and to fill the gap in between you do work.

Your close friends are the ones who don’t afraid of saying you the bitter truths. When your ego is increasing and getting out of your hands then they will tell you. Your close friends can shape your ego and can control it. They will teach you to be humble.

How and when to use your ego?

01. Use your ego when there is the burden of the world on your shoulders.
There will be some time when you feel low. You will think of giving up. You will feel that you are wasting time. You will feel useless. Take the ego of your promotion, improvements, success, and knowledge, and remind yourself of what amazing things you can do. Remind yourself that this is just another face of life and then you can easily get out of that situation. Make yourself remember that there are a lot of things to do. Don’t let yourself fall from some moments of hardships. When everyone will be pushing you down then boost up yourself with your ego.

02. Utilize your ego while facing your fear.
This doesn’t mean that you are applying it every time while facing fear. There are situations explaining this condition. If you are in a new place and you are afraid of meeting new people then you can’t show your ego to face this situation. Next time, whenever you hesitate, remember that you can’t get the opportunity again. Actually, you can do this. You gave done a lot of hard things and this is just one of that kind. If you are not sure of doing something then just make the first move. Take a move to start.

03. Use your ego to stop doubting your capabilities.
When we think of something amazing that can change the world then we subconsciously tell this to our ego.

04. Use your ego in convincing yourself that you can do amazing things that can change the world.
The world can’t change overnight. The beginning is always small and slowly it shows the result. Boost your ego and use it. Make up for it. Be humble whether disappointed or successful. You can be your biggest enemy or a supportive friend. The decision is yours.

All these things apply to anger. Use your ego and anger only when it is required instead of using it like anything. So, this was all about we can tell you about controlling your ego and anger. Also, read some more amazing and interesting articles on our website.
Hope you enjoy reading. Suggest us or give us feedback in the comment section or check the contact us page for directly emailing us.
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