How To Stay Focused – The Power Of Focus

How To Stay Focused – The Power Of Focus
Hey guys, it’s a new day and we bring a new dose for your personality development. It is about the power of focus. Students want to stay focused while studying. Some people want to be focused on life. So, we bring exclusive content on how to focus on your goals and avoid distraction. Let’s begin to know how to stay focused.

What is the focus?
Focus is defined by the work done with full concentration without any distraction. To focus on one thing, we have to by default ignore other things. Focus is the state of picking one option and removing other options. In other words, eliminating unwanted things is the base of focus. We have the option of doing work later but for the present moment, the important thing to focus on is doing the work with full concentration. Focus is the key to productivity. When you refuse other options just for the one then you get that dexterity.

What should we do to focus on important things and ignore the useless things?

Most people don’t face problems in focusing but they have problems in taking decisions and the rest of the people just need to learn how to avoid distraction to be able to focus on important things. When you get some work that you have to complete on a deadline, you do it because the deadline takes a decision for you. It can be possible that you ignore it in the beginning but when it is urgent and you have pressure to do that work then you take some action. Although, instead of focusing on important things, we convince ourselves that multi-tasking is a better option which is useless. Multi-tasking is a myth. Technically, it is possible to do two things at a time. Like watching TV while eating.

So what is impossible? The impossible thing is to focus on two things at a time. Multi-tasking pushes you to switch your focus simultaneously on different tasks. It’s not a big thing to do a transition between two works. You have to pay the mental price for multi-tasking. In psychological terms, we can say the mental price is mental cost. Shifting your focus from one task to another can cost you 40% more of your productive time.

Measure your results
You should also start measuring your progress. Most of the time, the focus starts fading due to the lack of feedback. There is a natural wanting in your mind to know whether you are moving towards your goals and without feedback it is impossible. Practically, we have to keep an account of our results. There are some things that are very important for us but we don’t measure them which is not the right thing at all because measurement keeps building our focus and concentration. Those things which we measure are the things which we make better. With the help of numbers and clear tracking, we can be able to know where we stand. Unluckily, we avoid doing measurements because we are afraid of knowing the results whether they are good or worst. It’s just a trick, you must understand that measurement is not a judgment. It is just feedback that helps you understand where you are. Measure yourself to check whether you are giving time to the things which are important for you. Measurement will definitely help you to know what is important for you and what is not.

Focus on the process
There is an important thing you can do for long-term focus and that is to focus on the process rather than on events. Often we see success as events. There are certain examples regarding this:-
01 – Most people see health as an event like if I will lose 10 kilograms of weight then I will get in shape and we don’t see that losing 1 kg is also an achievement.
02 – Some people see entrepreneurship as an event and think if their business gets listed in the New York times then they will get settled.
03 – Some people also see art as an event. Like if my paintings will put in an art gallery then I will get the credibility that I needed.
These are some of the ways in which we see success as a single event. If we see those people who are focused on their goal then you will realize that events and results don’t make them different but it is their commitment towards the process which makes them different. They like practicing daily. Amazing thing is that focusing on the process will help you in enjoying the result.

If you want to become a great writer then a best-selling book will be an amazing thing for you. But one way to reach the point of this result is to love the writing process. If you want the world will know about your business and getting on the list of Forbes will be amazing then you should start loving the process of marketing.

If you want to get better at anything you want then you have to start loving its process. You have to love the identity of that person who does work instead of seeing the dreams of the result only. If you learn to love the process while learning to focus on your goals then also it can be hard to implement it in day-to-day life. There are some additional ways in which you can build a better concentration power.

Every day, give priority to at least one work. The work should be the one that can’t be negotiable. That must be done. This is known as an anchor task it binds your whole day. The power to choose a priority pushes you to raise yourself towards responsibility.

Manage your energy
If you need full concentration to do some work then schedule that work in that time of the day when you have appropriate energy for that. Like your creative energy is at the peak in the morning then do that kind of stuff at that particular time. Almost every productive work can be done by managing time. There is no advantage to doing the work for which you don’t have the energy.

Leave your phone
Don’t check your phone for some hours while starting your day. It is easy to do any work with focus. If any text message, phone call, or alerts do not interrupt your focus then soon your focus gets stronger. You can use any strategy, only remember one thing, when the world will distract you then just focus. In the beginning, you don’t need to be perfect but what you need is, to begin with.

This was today’s dose of how to stay focused. Hope you love reading our post which helps you in learning the power of focus and the ways to stay focused. It is not important to stay focused all day rather it is important to do your work with focus.
Stay focused and achieve your goals…

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