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Raunaq Sahni The man behind Monkey Magic, the man on a mission of 100 days, the man who loves making videos is Ranauq Sahni. Ranauq Sahni is on his 100 days of dream life which he is living right now. He planned a lot and for so long to live what he dreamt of. His idea is to see, connect and appreciate the life that we can live. He is on a mission of 100 days to travel across India.

Education – Monkey Magic (Raunaq Sahni)

Raunaq Sahni has done his Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs. The earlier education of Raunaq Sahni is not known and it’s also not something that we all wanted to know. We can put his education apart as it is irrespective of what he is providing, i.e; new age documentaries.

Career – Monkey Magic (Raunaq Sahni)

Raunaq Sahni is a full-time video creator now and he publishes his videos on YouTube and Instagram. He started his career as a video editor while he was in 2nd year of his college. He got many international projects too like one was from Dubai. Later on, he worked as an employee in a typical 9-5 job. Finally, he quit his job, and now, he is a full-time video content creator.

Social Media – Monkey Magic (Raunaq Sahni)

Raunaq Sahni is a successful video content creator on YouTube. He started publishing his videos on YouTube in 2015 but he is more consistent now as he is on a mission of 100 days of traveling across India. His subscriber count on YouTube is 684K+ and they are increasing rapidly.

YouTube Channel Name – Monkey Magic
On Instagram, his username is @monkeyxmagic having 123K+ followers.

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Recently in Limelight

Raunaq Sahni recently became the sensing topic to discuss as he is living his dream life. He is on a 100 days trip across India which started on 1st July and will end on 8th October of this year, i.e; 2022.
He left his job to fulfill his dream and saved money since he was in college. The budget for his 100 days trip is INR 1 lakh and INR 20,000 additional. He planned to spend INR 1000 per day in order to not to exceed his budget.

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