Pranjal Kamra Biography, Education, Career, Salary, Net Worth, Family – Wikipedia

Pranjal Kamra Biography, Education, Career, Salary, Net Worth, Family – Wikipedia
The abbreviation which defines Pranjal Kamra’s current profile and that is CEO. Yes, a CEO. He is CEO at Finology VenturesPrivate Limited. Let’s dive in deep into his profile to get to know more about him.

Qualification Education and Career – Pranjal Kamra

Pranjal Kamra, after schooling, pursued a Bachelor of Laws degree in LLB, Banking, Corporate, Finance and Securities Law. He pursued it from Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur in the batch of 2010-2015.
After completing his bachelors degree, Pranjal Kamra did his Post Graduation Programme in Securities Market, Investment and Securities from National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) in 2017.
After completing his education, Pranjal Kamra started his own venture naming Finology Ventures Private Limited in 2018 and became a CEO.

Skills and Endorsements – Pranjal Kamra

With reference from Sharan Hegde’s LinkedIn profile, it can be seen that he possess some skills like Public speaking, Equity Valuation and Value Investing which are also endorsed by many of his connections on LinkedIn.

Pranjal Kamra Social Media

Youtube: pranjal kamra
Having a subscribers count of 2.85 milion subscribers with 10,14,77,108 views (numbers may vary). Usually uploading videos regarding value investing, stock analysis and behavioral finance.

Instagram: myfinology
Followers- 318K
Posts- 679 posts
(numbers may vary due to daily changing stats)
Usually posts on finance awareness or regarding finace topics which makes him a steadily growing financial influencers.

Facebook: Finology @myfinology

Pranjal Kamra Website

Pranjal Kamra is running his website seamlesslynaming
His websites coversa lot of sections. After home, his first category is Ticker. He explains Ticker as ‘Investing ka Search Engine’ which is the modern stock screener that helps to ppick better stocks.
There are diferent other sections too, like invest, learn, blog, calculators, etc.
In Learn section, there is an opportunity for learners to enrol for courses regarding investing, stock, law markets and a lot more. Thee is also a blog section containing enough material to read.

  • Family, salary, income or net worth not known. Will update when revealed.

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