4 Steps To Do Meditation with Benefits

4 Steps To Do Meditation with Benefits The Power of Meditation.
Hey guys, enjoy your reading time with a new post for your personality development. Today, we will discuss the power of meditation with you. We will tell you about how to start meditation with the help of some simple steps. We will also tell you the benefits of meditation. Meditation is a mindfulness exercise. The importance of meditation in our life is countless. Let’s start to explore ourselves with meditation.

Do you know the power of meditation? The process of thinking about one thing constantly is meditation. Often we trap in the definition and forgot the real meaning of meditation. The thing which we are thinking about tells us about our nature. Meditation comes from feeling not by thinking that’s why meditation is a process that converts thinking into feeling. It’s the journey from a complicated mind to the simplicity of heart.

The meaning of meditation is not just being a different person but a new and better person. It makes you aware and provides you with a good perspective with a better attitude towards life. You can’t stop your thoughts and feelings but you can understand those at the end of the day.

To learn meditation is like learning a new skill. For instance, you are practicing singing and you have never done it before so to be comfortable you have to do more practice. This is one of the things in which the journey is more important than the destination.

4 Steps To Do Meditation

When we take about meditation, the first question that arises is how to start doing meditation? If you do it with some simple steps then it’s a straightforward process. Here are some simple steps to practice meditation:-

STEP 01Find some time and a place which is suitable for you. Research shows that we can make a new habit easily when we practice it at the same time and same place. Just don’t think much about it. Now the new question that arises is – what is the best time and place to do meditation? The best time for meditation is when you give preference to do it and the right place to practice meditation is where you feel comfortable and also there is no distraction.

STEP 02Decide a time period to practice meditation. Beginners can start with a short time period. Like 5 to 10 minutes session is enough to practice and push your limits accordingly. The most important thing is choosing an effective time and your practice time more than anybody else.

STEP 03Take care of your posture, you should feel comfortable. Sit in the sukhasana (comfortable position). Back straight and arm resting on knees.

STEP 04 – Decide what you want – a guided meditation or an unguided meditation. Guided meditation is one that is taught by an experienced teacher. You can also learn it from group classes or videos. Guided meditation is mainly for the people who are in the learning process or for the ones who know nothing about it. The benefit of guided meditation is that the teacher keeps watching you and helps you when you are in need of it. They also teach you different techniques.

What are the benefits of meditation?

When we start meditating, we look at ourselves in a different way like we did it before. There are certain different benefits of meditation and science also proves them. It means they are scientifically proven. Most people do meditation for the purpose to reduce stress and get mental peace but meditation gives you a lot more. It gives you mental,  physical, and emotional benefits.

Mental health benefits – Most people know that meditation has a positive effect on mental health. With this, you will get the feeling of awareness, purity, mercy, and peace. Apart from these things, there are several more scientifically proven mental benefits.

Physical benefits – Before knowing the physical benefits of meditation you should know about how bad chronic stress affects your body. It gives you internal damages which can lead to heart attacks and blood sugar levels rise. Also, it weakens your immune system. People who practice regular meditation can learn to relax their bodies and remain fit for a long. A little bit of addition of yoga can multiply your results.

Emotional benefits – The brain is that part of our body where the meditation really works; it’s magic. It’s a truth that when you practice meditation then you can easily fight negative emotions. It not only changes your mindset and perspective but it changes your mind fully and makes you positive.
At last, we can finally say that meditation helps you in making a better life. So, practice it soon. Start with a small session and slowly extend your limits and you can witness the change in you.

These were the 4 steps to do meditation with benefits. Hope you like the power of meditation. So, did you like the 4 steps to do meditation with the benefits? We will be back with a new personality development post to groom your personality. Keep supporting sanskritiya.com and share your love by commenting below.
Practice meditation🧘‍♀️

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