Surkanda Devi Temple Dhanaulti Mussoorie

Surkanda Devi Temple Dhanaulti Mussoorie
Welcome back you to your own blog, Today we discuss Surkanda Devi Temple Dhanaulti and know all about how to reach, why is famous, when to go, including complete tour/travel guide of Surkanda Devi Temple. This temple is dedicated to Hindu Goddess. There are many legend and lore which relate to this temple. You can know answers to your all queries which is related to Surkanda Devi Temple. Let’s begin our journey to know.

Reaching for the gods at 3,030 meters the temple of Surkanda is the highest point around Mussoorie. Besides peace of mind, it offers a glorious view. To get to this temple one drives 31KM up Kaddukhal (2,559) from Mussoorie and then walks up 1.5KM to the hilltop which offers a spectacular view of 320KM of snow-capped Himalayas. The temple itself is the mythological site where the head of
Shivas’s consort fell when it was cut off to stop his tantric, cosmic dance which was rocking the universe.

Why Visit Surkanda Devi Temple Dhanaulti Mussoorie
Set amidst deodar trees, the temple is dedicated to the worship of the Devi-the Goddess of Unlimited Energy. It is said that the Devi always answers the prayers of the faithful who inveriable find the Puja and Worship at this temple extremely satisfying. Surrounding the temple are some flats areas, suitable for picinics, from where, pilgrims are rewarded with a magnificent view of the Himalayas. The rest
of the route to Mussoorie passes through a fruit belt where apples, apricots and other Himalayan fruits grow in abundance. A big fair held here in june.

Some Important FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) To Surkanda Devi Temple Dhanaulti

01. How To Reach Surkanda Devi Temple?
Ans: You can reach here from anywhere in our country. But if you want to reach here from More popular cities of India like Delhi, Haridwar, Lucknow, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Srinagar then, first of all, go Dehradun or by air Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun then hire Bus, Auto or Private Taxi for Surkanda Devi Temple Kaddukhal Trek, Go trekking for 2-3KM for Surkanda Devi Temple

02. Surkanda Devi Temple Trek Distance?
Ans: Surkanda Devi Temple has no long distance to trekking, but if you are a beginner and want to trek then this trekking distance is too enough Surkanda Devi Temple Distance is 2-3KM according to your facilities

03. Mussoorie To Surkanda Devi Temple Distance?
Ans: 38.5 KM via Chamba-Mussoorie Road and trekking 2KM From Kaddukhal.

04. Best Time To Visit Surkanda Devi Temple?
Ans: In our country, According to the holy Shastro, there is no need for good luck to visit Gods door. when you think to worship and remembered by your god you will definitely go then. But I have mentioned to some important time to visit according to the season which to face in which season

Summer: The temperature of this area around 14°C to 30°C its better time to visit and celebrate Ganga Dussehra in May-June

Monsoon: According to Indian monsoon season, it means rainy season raining here in this season. Near the temple in July- October has a wonderful scene. So, there are many devotees go for worship Surkanda Devi Temple

Winter: In winter, days and nights both are cold in this day temperature goes down to 4°C. If you want to enjoy snowfall in Surkanda then you can visit winter in the months of November to February.

05. Haridwar To Surkanda Devi Temple Distance, Route?
Ans: There are many routes from Haridwar to reach Surkanda Devi Temple, Here mentioned an important route from Haridwar to Surkanda Devi Temple.
Route: 118KM via Ambala-Dehradun-Haridwar Road/Ambala-Poanta Sahib-Herbertpur-Dehradun-Rishikesh National Highway/Haridwar Road and Chamba-Mussoorie Road

06. Surkanda Devi Temple Snowfall Time & Video?
Ans: Surkanda Devi Temple snowfall time is winter in the months of November to February. Below I have embedded a video to glance of Surkanda Devi Temple snowfall

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