The Power Of Gratitude – Book Summary

The Power Of Gratitude – Book Summary – The Power Of Thank You
Do you know the power of gratitude or thank you? Gratitude is much more than a simple thank you. It recognizes the balancing of your life, it notices your happiness and it shifts your focus on the things which are positive to your life instead of the things which are scarce in your life.

Always take a list of which you are grateful for and also take into consideration the things which give you the positive experience and at the end of the day, jot them down. Notice the positive changes in your life and check how you are feeling in your mood, health, or at the place where you work. This daily practice of gratitude will enhance the quality of your overall life.

Research shows that the practice of gratitude redresses our mood. It reduces the level of stress and depression, helps relationships to work, and as a result, improves your overall life. Gratitude helps us to become a person who is mentally as well as physically strong. Paying gratitude affects your life’s happiness in the right manner and its effects remain last longer in your life. It helps in enjoying your life to the fullest. It can beat the biggest obstacles, reduce stress, provide confidence, and help achieve one’s dream.

Gratitude changes our life in different ways but first of all, we have to check where we are standing. We have to introspect and throw everything we have. Oftentimes, the things we are not grateful for are the things that we are not honest about.

We know that we are thankful for the things we have but we don’t admit it. So find out some time and explore the deepness of your life by reading “The Secret”. This book simplifies the formula of gratitude and puts it on the stage of ease. The formula is – ‘think about anything and thank the world for that, then it will happen.’ Although, there are certain important steps missing for the things that you want or rectify. For that, the action part is so important instead of just thinking. There are no further doubts that gratitude helps really or not. It is really simple when we change our thinking mindset and fill our life with thankfulness then nothing remains like it was before. To change our life, we have to change ourselves first so that we make a better version of it.

There are things that we should be grateful for.
1. The life that I get and I am living it.
2. The clean water that I drink.
3. The choices of food I get to energize my body.
4. My parents gave birth to me.
5. The special people whom I spend time with.
6. The people who shaped my character.
7. The teachers I got.
To start with, use the list written above and add whatsoever comes to your mind. Write down this list on the wall, on the fridge, or in the place where you can comfortably watch it easily. You have to be thankful for those things the whole day. Soon, it will become your second nature and you will start attracting the things to which you are thankful.

The person who says thank you is the best motivator and it helps in the working environment. Grateful people have the count of their successes. They have the ability to appreciate their success and they remain ready to acknowledge it. The important thing about gratitude is that it opens the door of gratitude power, builds intelligence, and makes the universe. When you pay gratitude, the universe gives you back a lot of things. When you want to find happiness, find gratitude. Gratitude shifts you towards the big place and in a bigger frequency through which you can attract good things. We have to start our day with a good heart and a positive shot. The word thank you is equal to power and happiness.

Remember one thing that gratitude does work. It is powerful and free so be thankful for the things which exist in your life. The magic of gratitude is that it will take your perception to that limit which changes your world. The best way to pay gratitude to God is by accepting everything and facing problems with a smile.

Hope you will implement the power of gratitude to make your life shine and also keep supporting us. We will get back to you with a series of these kinds of topics to shape your character and redefine your personality.

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