Travel Tips For India | Travel Guide To India

Travel Tips For India | Travel Guide To India
India is a country that changes every 50KMs with regards to customs, traditions, people, races, climates. Do some background reading before visiting a particular place to make your visit memorable. Accommodation is plenty. From resplendent 5-star hotels to hotels that pass off as stopovers. The right season to visit in India is between October-March and May-June. Book early to avoid the rush

About Your Health And Food:-
When planning your tour, do ask your agent to include an Indian Fair or Festival in your itinerary. The color and splendor can be quite an unforgettable experience. Indians are a hospitable lot. If you are lost, someone will go out of his/her way to guide you to your destination. If you have a weak stomach, stick to bottled mineral water, tea, coffee, beer for liquid intakes. Avoid eating spicy Indian food, as stomach linings need time to acclimatize. Trust fresh fruit whose skin you can peel off or remove.

Temples And Worship Places Instruction:-
Please remember to remove your footwear when visiting a place of worship. Some Jain and Hindu temples do not permit leather bags. If you wish to help beggars, give alms to the charitable organization. Most museums in India are closed on Mondays and site museums (Near the site of archaeological monuments) on Fridays.

Post & Communications:-
Government-owned Department of Posts offers complete domestic and international mailing and parcel facilities at reasonable tariffs. It is fairly efficient and has a countrywide network. EMS Speedpost, a subsidiary, offers courier services. Private couriers like DHL, Blue Dart, Skypak etc, also offer their services.

The internal code for India is 0091. STD Codes for towns are printed after the town name in the main text. International Direct Dialling is now widely available in privately run call boxes.

Some Do’s and Don’ts Instruction For Traveler (In India):-
Indian is a country of time-honored traditions and customs
Religions:- The people are very sentimental about religion, deity, and shrines. Hence, particular care should be taken to avoid hurting their sentiments. Don’t wear shorts or single tops inside temples. Don’t smoke or hold hands. Remove shoes and never touch a statue of deity with the feet. In some temples in South India, Men are allowed to enter only removing their shirts/vests. Behave appropriately Places like mosques require the devotees to cover their heads. In Buddhist temples always walk around them in clockwise directions.

Photography:- Women are sensitive about strangers taking their photographs. Ask first, Taking photographs of people bathing, death ceremonies may cause offense.

Guest and Food:- Don’t touch food or cooking utensils that locals use for cooking food. Use the right hand for social interaction e.g. while passing food, handing out money. If invited inside a house, remove the shoes. Never enter the kitchen unless invited.

What To Bring For Your Family & Friends From India:-
Cotton dresses for men, ankle length skirts for women, T-shirts, Sweaters for cold nights. Shoes and sandals, flip-flops. A set of dress-up clothes. Sunhat, Sun-glasses, Bedding, if planning to go on treks. Locks for those traveling on a budget. Insects Repellant, Water Bottles, Water Purification Tablets.

Food:- Wash vegetables and fruits with purified water or peeled where possible. Beware of ice cream sold on the street. Trust a place that looks clean, well run and frequented by locals. When in doubt as to what to do order, a “Thali” is a good sumptuous budget meal.

Water:- Be careful of water. Especially ice. Reputable brands of mineral water before drinking it. If that’s not possible use water purification tablets. Chlorine tablets and iodine tablets are available at chemist stores. Though too much iodine can be harmful

Prohibited Items For Traveler In India:-
Dangerous drugs, live plants, gold coins, gold and silver bullion and silver coins not in current use are either banned or subject to strict regulation. Firearms can’t be imported until special permission is obtained.
Export of antiques and art objects over 100 years old is strictly prohibited. So is ivory, skins of all animals, snakeskin, and articles made for them.

The climate of India For Travelling:-
India is divided almost exactly by the Tropic of Cancer. The climate varies from the near-equatorial in Kanniyakumari in the south to freezing cold in the higher reaches of Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir. The best time to visit in India is during the winter (November-February). Unless Visiting the Himalayas, where summer (April-August) is ideal. India has three season year- the hot, the wet, and the cool. Generally, the best time to visit in India is during winter (November-February) although there are regional variations.
India is so vast that the climatic conditions in the far north have little relation to those of the extreme south. While the heat is building up to breaking point on the plains, the people of Ladakh, high in the Himalaya, will still be waiting for the snow to melt on the high passes.

Instructions For Shopping In India For Traveler:-
The basic rule of shopping, bargain hard, applies equally well to India. The various state emporia generally stock good quality goods at reasonable prices. Central Cottages Industries Emporia can be found in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. The outlets of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission, Khadi Bhavan as well as the chain of Handloom House stores which sell Indian ethnic fare, are spread in all Indian cities and are reliable. A good rule to follow while buying handicrafts is not to buy until you develop a little understanding and appreciation. Be careful when buying items which include home delivery to your province/country.

To Buy Carpets Visit:- Kashmir, Badhoi, Mirzapur(U.P.), Warangal, Elluru(A.P.)
To Buy Tibetan Rugs Visit:- Darjeeling, Gangtok, Kashmir
To Buy Papier Mache Visit:- Kashmir (Items include bowls, cups, containers, jewelry boxes, letter holders, lamps etc.)
To Buy Pottery, Metal Work And Bidri Style Visit:- Rajasthan, Bihar, Mumbai, Uttar-Pradesh
To Buy Leather Visit:- Karnataka, Mumbai, Kanpur, Delhi, All Over India
To Buy Silk and Sarees Visit:- Kanchipuram and Varanasi
To Buy Bronze Figures Visit: South India
To Buy Wood Carvings Visit:- Kashmir
Note:- The information is only indicative as most of the goods are available anywhere in India

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