Uttarakhand Railway Stations List With Code

Uttarakhand Railway Stations List With Code On 09 November 2000, Uttrakhand was split out of Uttar Pradesh as an independent state. If we talk about the area of ​​Uttrakhand, then the first railway station of Uttarakhand is “Laksar Junction” which was opened to the general public in 1866 AD. Haridwar, Lal Kuan, Roorkee, Kathgodam, and Yog Nagri Rishikesh are the main railway stations.

Uttarakhand Railway Station List

S/N Station Code Station Name
01 HW Haridwar
02 RK Roorkee
03 DDN Dehradun
04 KGM Kathgodam
05 LKU Lal Kuan Junction
06 HDW Haldwani
07 KPV Kashipur Junction
08 RUPC Rudrapur City
09 LRJ Laksar Junction
10 RWL Raiwala Junction
11 JWP Jwalapur
12 DWO Doiwala
13 MOTC Motichur
14 KHMA Khatima
15 RSI Raisi
16 ATMO Aithal
17 HLDD Haldi Road
18 HRW Harrawala
19 BNSA Banbasa
20 VRH Virbhadra
21 QSR Kansrao
22 YNRK Yog Nagari Rishikesh
23 PRI Pathri
24 IKK Ikkar
25 TPU Tanakpur
26 RMR Ramnagar
27 RKSH Rishikesh
28 KTW Kotdwar
29 BPZ Bazpur
30 PBW Pantnagar
31 MJZ Majhola Pakarya
32 RPSC Rudrapur Sidcul Halt
33 GWS Gaushala
34 CKK Chakarpur
35 CHRU Chamrua
36 LDR Landaura
37 PRM Pirumadara
38 DSNI Dausni
39 DNRA Dandhera
40 PAQ Padiya Nagla
41 ALAI Alai
42 CDL Chodiala
43 IQB Iqbalpur

Today in this post, we will share some interesting information with you – you will be surprised to know that the first train was run in Uttrakhand. Is it true that the first steam engine train was run in Uttarakhand? The answer is yes but not for common people. During 1837-38, the East India Company had to spend a huge amount of money on relief work, it was planned to build the “Ganga Canal” to get relief. It was very difficult to get over the “Sonali river” on the way to the Ganges canal, due to which the British engineers made a plan to make Sonali Jalsetu (aqueduct) over the Ganga Canal. In the construction of the bridge, a lot of excavation had done in which a lot of debris came out, which was planned to be put in Piran Kaliyar in Haridwar. The railway track was laid down for the transportation of the debris. The WAG that was brought to run on this line was named after the governor “Thomson” of that time and was later renamed Jenny after the famous singer “Jenny Lind”. Thus, India’s first train was run between Roorkee and Piran Kaliyar but it was not run for the general public. Therefore it is not considered as the first railway in the country.

After Laksar Junction, Haldwani was built in 1884 AD, which comes under Izzatnagar Division. In 1909 AD, it was further extended to Kathgodam. The Laksar-Haridwar railway line was extended to Dehradun and Rishikesh in the 19th century. Dehradun railway station was opened to the general public on 1 March 1909 AD.

In Uttarakhand, there are 19 railway stations in the Izzatnagar Division of North Eastern Railway Zone, and 24 railway stations in the Moradabad Division of Northern Railway Zone, which sums up to 43 railway stations. There are 4 railway junctions in Uttarakhand, whose names are as follows – Laksar Junction, Raiwala Junction, Kashipur Junction, and Lal Kuan Junction.
Out of the cleanest railway station in the country, Uttarakhand state has- Haridwar (Rank 10), Dehradun (Rank 29), and Rudrapur City (Rank 155).

Uttarakhand Railway Map

We hope you liked knowing about the railway station list of Uttarakhand full of interesting information. You can also visit this post for Uttarakhand Railway Map.

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